1. UGG Maker Deckers Urges Support for Directors

    UGG Maker Deckers Urges Support for Directors

    Marcato has put forward nine candidates to replace the current Deckers board . The firm nominated Deborah Derby, a director at Vitamin Shoppe Inc. (VSI) ; Kirsten Feldman, a faculty member of the University of Waterloo and the former head of global retail group at Morgan Stanley's (MS) investment ...

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    1. Electing any of Marcato's nominees now -- just as the transformation of Deckers is showing real results -- would be highly damaging and value destructive.
    2. Most have never served on the board of a public company and many have no C-level executive experience.
    3. We believe that the election of any of Marcato's nominees has the potential to result in a serious setback to the demonstrated progress that Deckers has made in its transformation plan.
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