1. Directorship Gains and Pains

    Directorship Gains and Pains

    Governance Directorship Gains and Pains CFOs who hold external board positions swear by the benefits, but the majority who don’t have good reasons for shying away. Please enter your email address * Subject * Comments * Running finance at a large, publicly traded company is, of course, a big job with long hours and little downtime. So why would a CFO want to expend time and energy serving on the board of another company?...

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    1. Understanding what goes on in a boardroom and why questions get asked allows you to better anticipate the needs, wants, and requirements of your [internal] board.
    2. Seeing how they set that up was interesting and helpful.
    3. When you lay out that type of matrix, you find out that you don't always have names to put in every one of those cells.
    4. It's a balance, but it adds to your workload.
    5. With every IPO, [the stakeholders] want the stock price to go up.
    6. I think that over time [the prevalence of lawsuits is] going to affect the quality of the pool of available directors.
    7. It could be fairly dysfunctional if the board isn't aligned to the shareholders it's supposed to be representing.
    8. If you don't feel as passionate about the product or service of the board's company as that of your own, it might not be the right board for you.
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