1. P&G Proxy Fight Pits Former Finance Chief Against Longtime Protégé

    P&G Proxy Fight Pits Former Finance Chief Against Longtime Protégé

    By Sharon Terlep and David Benoit CINCINNATI -- Clayton Daley gave 35 years of his professional life to Procter & Gamble Co., rising to finance chief and then grooming his successor, Jon Moeller. Now, the mentor and his former protégé are on opposing sides of a boardroom fight over how best to reinvigorate P&G, a consumer-products giant that at one time boasted brands in nearly every aisle of the supermarket...

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    1. Mr. Daley denied that in an interview:
    2. There are many other things I could say, but that's the word I'll use.
    3. The world has changed completely, the way business is done has changed completely and the company has changed completely.
    4. I tried very hard to exit and stay out of the way and give Jon Moeller his space.
    5. Of all of P&G's many problems, Jon Moeller is not one of them.
    6. There are a lot of employees in this area whose retirement and well being depends on how P&G does. You can't live here and not get drawn into it.
    7. I've been contacted by more former executives who have offered to help in this investment, by a multiple, than ever before.
    8. There was an underestimation of the consumer interest in that type of a proposition.
    9. Those goals mean the management and the board of directors have accepted mediocrity.
    10. We're at the point where the nose is lifting and we're going up.
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