1. An Activist Investor’s Latest Tactic: Playing Nice

    An Activist Investor’s Latest Tactic: Playing Nice

    As Nelson Peltz, founder of Trian Fund Management , angles for a seat on Procter & Gamble Co. ’s board, he’s pledging to back social, environmental, and governance issues in ways that may appeal to the consumer-products giant’s institutional investors . Weeks after disclosing its stake in P&G in February, Trian updated its website with a section expounding its commitment to corporate stewardship...

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    1. Index funds drive a lot of the behavior in the activism world due to their sheer size.
    2. Promoting good business practices and strong corporate governance principles has been part of Trian's operating strategy since our inception.
    3. We're 100 percent convinced that it's a good way to control risk.
    4. We have more data, awareness, and understanding of how these factors impact returns over time.
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