1. With ‘Zombie’ Directors, It’s the Board of the Living Dead

    With ‘Zombie’ Directors, It’s the Board of the Living Dead

    Nell Minow, an expert on corporate governance, calls them the zombie directors. They’re board members who’ve failed to get a majority of shareholder votes in elections but continue to serve. From 2012 to 2016 there were a total of 225 instances where directors of public companies got less than half the votes cast, but only 44 directors, or 20 percent, left within the next election cycle, according to a Bloomberg ­analysis of data from ISS Corporate Solutions Inc...

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    1. You either participate in capitalism or you don't.
    2. It's a really hollow victory for shareholders if they get what they want and then the companies just completely ignore any results that don't fit in with their worldview.
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