1. Jacobs Engineering Elects Director

    Jacobs Engineering Elects Director
    Jacobs Engineering elected Ralph Edward "Ed" Eberhart to the board of directors. Retired J.P. Morgan Chase Managing Director and Head of Corporate Banking for the Americas Susan F. Stevens is joining the Umpqua Holdings board.
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    1. We are very pleased that Ed Eberhart, a former general officer in the United States Air Force, is joining our board. Ed brings a great deal of valuable experience to our board, particularly in the area of aerospace and defense, as well as in executive business management and corporate governance.
    2. Susan brings a terrific depth of knowledge and expertise to Umpqua's board.
    3. We are extremely pleased to have Tapiero join our board. His broad business experience and extensive global background will bring our board meaningful insight and expertise as we continue the global growth of our business.
    4. I am pleased to welcome Dante to the H.B. Fuller board of directors.
    5. We are pleased to welcome Chuck to Avon's board, An accomplished executive with extensive senior leadership background, he has a wealth of experience that will benefit the company as we work toward a turnaround.
    6. We are thrilled to welcome Hugh to the AOL board, Hugh's financial expertise and consumer industry experience makes him a great addition to the board.
    7. Alex Pinchev is an experienced and dynamic IT executive with a very successful track record as a global sales leader, He also brings the insights gained from serving as CEO and senior executive for several IT companies.
    8. Bank of America shareholders will benefit from the global perspectives, diverse insights and depth of experience these leaders possess, They have a range of expertise in leading large, complex organizations, some in highly regulated industries with global businesses, that will enhance the board of directors.
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