1. Overdose Victim's Dad Rallies Teamsters in Fight With McKesson

    Overdose Victim's Dad Rallies Teamsters in Fight With McKesson

    Travis Bornstein took to the stage last summer at the International Brotherhood of Teamsters’ annual convention in Las Vegas to talk about his son Tyler, who died of an overdose at 23. The father, a former Marine and president of a union chapter in Akron, Ohio, told the audience at the Paris Hotel how Tyler got hooked on painkillers after multiple elbow surgeries. It eventually led to a heroin addiction...

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    1. We're trying to hold these big companies responsible and accountable for what's going on in America.
    2. We take our responsibility to help manage the safety and integrity of the pharmaceutical supply chain extremely seriously and are committed to maintaining -- and continuously improving -- strong programs designed to detect and prevent opioid diversion.
    3. I don't claim to be the smartest person in the room.
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