1. China Just Had a 'Black Monday'

    China Just Had a 'Black Monday'

    Stocks plummeted across China on Monday, with 500 stocks hitting their 10% daily limit and 1,200 falling 7%, according to the South China Morning Post. They're calling it another 'Black Monday'

    Analysts are blaming the panic on news out of a government conference on the financial system held over the weekend...

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    1. The regulator will continue to crack down on violations of securities laws and regulations, including insider trading and market manipulation.
    2. Chinese insurers grabbed headlines by using leveraged money to buy shares in listed companies, triggering sharp volatility in the market late last year.
    3. The effects of previous liquidity tightening and the still ongoing financial regulatory shake-up are evident in money and credit data, but have not yet reached the real economy.
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