1. Showdown Over Buffalo Wild Wings Future Set for June 2

    Showdown Over Buffalo Wild Wings Future Set for June 2

    Buffalo Wild Wings Inc. this morning fired back at the activist investor trying to take control of the company, saying he has “no credible plan” to run it and urging shareholders to stay with current leaders. The company set a June 2 date for its annual shareholders meeting, a usually perfunctory event that this year will be a turning point in its 35-year history...

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    1. Our board and management team are under attack from a short-term-focused hedge fund, Marcato Capital Management LP, that seeks to upend our winning formula and business strategy.
    2. If you invested with us at our IPO, ten years ago, five years ago, three years ago or even a just a year ago, you have earned a return that exceeds the median return generated by other casual dining restaurant companies.
    3. Given our focus on extending our successful long-term track record, we will not support risky financial engineering strategies that provide and unlikely and modest short-term benefit but create substantial long-term risk.
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