1. Kraft Foods Names Kim Rucker Evp, Corporate And Legal

    /PRNewswire/ -- Kraft Foods (NASDAQ:KFT) announced today that will become Executive Vice President, Corporate & Legal Affairs, Kraft Foods North America in late August. Rucker, 45, joins the company from Avon Products, Inc. where she serves as Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary and Chief Compliance Officer. She will join Vernon's Management Team and lead the legal, corporate governance and corporate affairs functions. Upon launch of Kraft Foods Group, Inc. later this yea

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    1. Kim's extensive experience providing strong strategic and legal counsel to Boards of Directors, CEOs and executive teams of large public companies will be invaluable as we become a stand-alone entity.
    2. I am extremely delighted and honored to join a world-class executive team and a company embarking on an exciting future.