1. Frankly Appoints Tom Rogers as Chairman of the Board

    Frankly Appoints Tom Rogers as Chairman of the Board

    Blog This SAN FRANCISCO , March 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Frankly Inc. (TSX VENTURE: TLK) (Frankly ), a leader in transforming local TV broadcast and media companies by enabling them to publish and monetize their digital content onto multiscreen devices, has appointed Tom Rogers as its new Chairman of the Board of Directors, effective immediately...

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    1. From our first meeting, Tom and I have always shared the same goal of helping traditional media companies not only broadcast their stories to an increasingly mobile and digital audience, but also promote greater consumer engagement with differentiated local content.
    2. Prior to and since my appointment to Frankly's Board, I have been impressed with the company's ability to revitalize the local news industry.
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