1. British Blue Chips Snub Investor Calls to Reveal CEO Pay Ratios

    British Blue Chips Snub Investor Calls to Reveal CEO Pay Ratios

    Some of Britain’s biggest companies are bucking calls to reveal more data about executive pay, risking a fresh rift with major investors who are urging the government to combat ballooning wage inequality. Four of the 16 FTSE 100 companies that responded to a Bloomberg survey -- GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, Aviva and Anglo American -- said they won’t publish a breakdown of how much more their CEOs earn than the average worker, a measure backed by the Investment Association, whose members hold about a third of the stock represented in the benchmark index. While advocates say forcing companies to report pay ratios ...

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    1. Pay ratios have the potential to be at best misleading and at worst positively damaging.
    2. I'm a believer in what's called nudging -- small changes that can have a behavioral impact.
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