1. Why Donald Trump Could Spell Doom for CEO Pay Transparency

    Why Donald Trump Could Spell Doom for CEO Pay Transparency

    Outsized CEO pay is an issue coming under increasing scrutiny, and Donald Trump has already promised to do away with legislation that would require companies to be more transparent...

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    1. I think the first year will be a true measure of who he is as a policy person.
    2. I do think the Dodd-Frank ruling had a lot of companies thinking about this more specifically.
    3. So far we haven't seen other municipalities actively pursue legislation like this.
    4. What we're seeing, historically, is that ratio is still getting bigger.
    5. Their expectation is that the Dodd-Frank legislation will be changed somehow and a lot of them at this point believe that part of the legislation will be taken out.
    6. The other reason why they believe now that it's likely to be pulled out is when you look at the cabinet Trump is putting together, there are a lot of billionaires, a lot of CEOs.
    7. I think there will continue to be an enormous amount of focus on CEO pay.
    8. If that part is repealed from Dodd-Frank, the problem doesn't go away.
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