1. How Apple Shielded Itself From A Shareholder Vote

    How Apple Shielded Itself From A Shareholder Vote

    Although Apple boasts about its efforts to reduce carbon emissions, members of the board didn’t want to be held to any promises. And even though Barack Obama has called climate change a “terrifying” threat to human survival, one of Obama’s most powerful regulatory agencies weighed in this week to help Apple shield itself from shareholders who want the company to outline its environmental plans...

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    1. The proposal seeks to micromanage the company by probing too deeply into matters of a complex nature upon which shareholders, as a group, would not be in a position to make an informed judgment.
    2. She is just asking the company to consider the need for carbon reduction more completely, and identify a goal and endpoint to the company's efforts that is a more complete and expeditious response to the urgency of climate change responses.
    3. The company is not in a position to require its major suppliers to change their business operations to reduce their emissions or engage in other operations to offset their emissions.
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