1. T-Mobile’s Accounting Slammed by Investor Group in Letter to SEC

    T-Mobile’s Accounting Slammed by Investor Group in Letter to SEC

    MarketWatch is not alone in criticizing wireless operator T-Mobile US. Inc. for its accounting. An investor group sent a formal letter of complaint to the Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday, asking the regulator to conduct a probe of the company’s accounting practices. CtW Investment Group works with pension funds that are sponsored by unions affiliated with a federation known as Change to Win, and focuses on shareholder activism around corporate governance...

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    1. It could give shareholders a misleading impression of profitability, growth in profit and changes over time.
    2. We have not received any response to our letter, and have decided to raise our concerns with you in the hope that the SEC will agree that our analysis merits a further investigation.
    3. We believe that TMUS has persisted in making incomplete and inadequate disclosures relevant to its use of non-GAAP performance measures and their prominent placement in its earnings releases.
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