1. Nasdaq has a New CEO

    Nasdaq has a New CEO

    Nasdaq has a new CEO.

    The exchange group has named Adena Friedman as chief executive, replacing Bob Greifeld, who will become chairman of the board.

    Here's the statement:

    Nasdaq is today announcing its Board of Directors has named Adena Friedman President and Chief Executive Officer, and she will also join the Board of Directors, effective January 1, 2017....

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    1. Naming Adena CEO represents the successful conclusion of a rigorous, multi-year succession planning process.
    2. We want to thank Bob for his nearly 14 years of leadership as CEO, guiding Nasdaq's growth from its humble beginnings as a single equities exchange with 200 employees, to a global technology leader with 4,400 employees in 26 countries.
    3. I am truly excited about the opportunity to lead this exceptional company.
    4. I believe Nasdaq is in its strongest competitive position ever.
    5. Importantly, Nasdaq would not be where we are at today without Borje's guidance, counsel and dedication. He has been invaluable to me and this organization in helping shape our vision and strategic direction, and we wish him the best in his new role.
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