1. Vortex Biosciences Appoints Non-Executive Director

    Vortex Biosciences Appoints Non-Executive Director

    Vortex Biosciences, provider of circulating tumor cell (CTC) capture systems, is pleased to announce that Deborah J. Neff has accepted the role as Non-Executive Director. Deborah has served in a number of leadership positions in healthcare companies, including a 15-year career at Becton Dickinson & Co in executive management positions, making her ideally positioned to provide oversight to Vortex Biosciences as it approaches commercialization of its first product, the VTX-1 Liquid Biopsy System...

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    1. Deborah will be a very strong addition to the team.
    2. I am excited to be joining Vortex Biosciences at this time when the company is moving towards commercialization of their lead asset.
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