1. Twitter to Mull its Future as Takeover Rumors Swirl Again

    Twitter to Mull its Future as Takeover Rumors Swirl Again

    The company's board of directors is scheduled to meet Thursday and will be discussing Twitter's fate as a stand-alone company and the possibility of ...

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    1. I think a lot of people are not sure what to make of Twitter. They don't know if Twitter is going to have long-term staying power or if it's going to be overtaken in terms of relevance by the likes of Instagram or Snapchat.
    2. It's always something that investors have to be mindful of, but the question is if it's more reasonable now, six months or five years from now and that's impossible to say.
    3. The sheer size, coupled with the rich multiple and uniqueness of Twitter, limit the potential list of acquirers.
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