1. Corporate Governance up but Scores Remain Low

    Corporate Governance up but Scores Remain Low

    Lee Xin En Companies here may be lifting their corporate governance standards but their scores are still low and the rate of improvement seems to be slowing. The Singapore Governance and Transparency Index (SGTI) was unveiled yesterday at a forum on the index held at the Mandarin Orchard. The SGTI is an enhanced version of the Governance and Transparency Index (GTI), which began in 2009, including an additional section on stakeholder engagement.....

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    1. Any governance rating based only on disclosure may not be sufficiently reflective of the actual governance practices in a listed company.
    2. It is true that companies can win an award in a year because they have performed well in governance and transparency. However, in any of the subsequent years, a winner can go wrong because of the change in business environment or because of a particular individual in the company faltering.
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