1. Square's 'Heavyweight' Board May Belie Shareholder Pitfalls, Even Takeover Chances

    Square's 'Heavyweight' Board May Belie Shareholder Pitfalls, Even Takeover Chances

    With a 10 rating, Square has the highest corporate governance risk possible on the Institutional Shareholder Services' (ISS) rating scale, based on an ...

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    1. The board is authorized to issue blank-check preferred stock.
    2. Since the company started preparing its IPO filings, a constant source of comment and criticism from investors and observers has been Mr. Dorsey's service as the CEO of both the company and Twitter, the embattled social messaging company.
    3. We view this as a failure by this director to fulfill a fundamental responsibility to represent shareholders at such meetings.
    4. It's Jack Dorsey for sure, with a good idea.
    5. Shareholders should be concerned that the company provides immediate vesting of certain equity awards upon a change in control of the company.
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