1. Investors are losing patience with Citigroup (C)

    Investors are losing patience with Citigroup (C)

    Earlier this year, an analyst asked Citigroup Chief Executive Michael Corbat what he would do if activist investors tried to shake things up after what seems like eons of underperformance.

    Corbat's response? He would take the new shareholders down to the U.S. Federal Reserve so they could see the limitations he faces...

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    1. He was confident that they would not have any success with getting the regulators to look kindly on their plans.
    2. It is an adjustment that is taking longer than would have been expected.
    3. Citi management owes investors an explanation as to how they are going to get capital out of the business.
    4. The strategy we are executing is generating significant capital.
    5. They have taken a lot of steps, but it is not enough.
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