1. Steve Fuller, John Fowler Join Quad/Graphics' Board of Directors

    Steve Fuller, John Fowler Join Quad/Graphics' Board of Directors

    Quad/Graphics, Inc., a leading print and marketing services provider, announced today that Steve Fuller, former Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer of L.L.Bean Inc., and John Fowler, Vice Chairman and Executive Vice President of Global Strategy & Corporate Development of Quad/Graphics, have been appointed to Quad/Graphics’ board of directors ...

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    1. I am pleased to welcome these two accomplished business leaders to Quad/Graphics' board of directors.
    2. As a former client familiar with the complexities of multichannel marketing, Steve further strengthens our ability to walk in our clients' shoes and understand their needs.
    3. We have been very thoughtful in planning John's transition to retirement over an extended period of time to ensure continuity of operations.
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