1. Golf Can Show Business the Benefits of Boardroom Equality

    Golf Can Show Business the Benefits of Boardroom Equality

    Scottish Golf is the governing body for golf in Scotland. It was founded in June 2015 following the amalgamation of Scottish Golf Union (SGU) and Scottish Ladies' Golfing Association (SLGA). As part of its constitution, Scottish Golf must have a minimum of three men and three women among its nine member board. The board, comprising six men and three women, is chaired by Eleanor Cannon, a former global head of customer service at Tesco and corporate affairs director at Scottish & Newcastle ...

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    1. Like any business, if you want to attract more women you have to do a much better job of ensuring the people running the business reflect the customer base.
    2. If a diverse group is running [a business] at the top, it will get better financial returns.
    3. The UK is recognising there is a necessity to drive this number and they are looking at it from a self-regulatory perspective, which is impressive.
    4. We've gone from having five per cent of women in managerial and professional positions in the 1970s to now around 50 per cent.
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