1. Why Activist Investors Won't Touch the Big Buyout Shops

    Why Activist Investors Won't Touch the Big Buyout Shops

    Large publicly-traded private equity firms have seen their share prices drop fairly substantially over the past year amid market uncertainty and concerns about global growth ...

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    1. The prevalent view is that there are so many problematic companies in the U.S. so why go after a company where I have one hand tied behind my back in terms of not being able to elect my dissident directors.
    2. Activists seek restructuring opportunities at public companies.
    3. The investor would benefit from any upside Blackstone receives from the IPO or sale.
    4. If you want to sell a division or company as a whole these leading private equity firms are certainly key in the M&A market and happen to be potential buyers.
    5. The private equity companies can make dreams come true for an activist.
    6. If you want to get the votes of the pension fund crowd it may not help to attack their other partners.
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