1. Why Aren't Activist Investors Putting More Women in Board Posts?

    Why Aren't Activist Investors Putting More Women in Board Posts?

    Carl Icahn has nominated 42 people to fill 94 board seats at public companies ranging from EBay to Herbalife in the past five years. Not a single one was a woman. Other activist investors, including Dan Loeb and his Third Point Partners fund ...

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    1. Our slate at Yahoo quickly recruited and hired Marissa Mayer, who was the youngest woman ever named CEO of a major technology company.
    2. Activists care about one thing -- finding undervalued companies and then putting in people they think can create the best value for them and other shareholders.
    3. If you believe that diversity on boards is critical for long-term sustainable growth, then you have to wonder whether activists care about this — or simply want to get the company's stock price up quickly.
    4. They need candidates with long histories aligned with the campaigns they're mounting, and that may be why they're trailing companies
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