1. Autoliv Elects Mr. Leif Johansson as New Board Member

    Autoliv Elects Mr. Leif Johansson as New Board Member

    Autoliv, Inc. ((ALIV.ST) (ALV), the worldwide leader in automotive safety systems - has elected Mr. Leif Johansson as a new member to its Board of Directors. Leif Johansson has a long and distinguished career spanning several global industries. From 1997 to 2011, Mr. Johansson served as President and Chief Executive Officer at The Volvo Group. Before joining Volvo, Mr. Johansson held various positions at AB Electrolux, and served as President and CEO of AB Electrolux from 1994 to 1997...

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    1. I am pleased to welcome Leif Johansson to Autoliv's Board of Directors. His extensive global industry experience, and his proven leadership skills will be very valuable assets in the future work of the board
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