1. Suffolk Trustees: President Spent Millions Without Board OK

    Suffolk Trustees: President Spent Millions Without Board OK

    Several Suffolk University Trustees are charging that embattled president Margaret McKenna, who is fighting to save her job, has spent millions without the board’s approval, turning the Boston institution’s balance sheet from black to red. McKenna spent $3 million without authorization from the Board of Trustees, said board chairman Andrew Meyer, who added that the board has been looking into ...

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    1. The budget for the past six years ... has kept us well in the black, significantly in the black, and with a significant surplus to allow us to stay balanced, cover the bills and do the things we have to do to run the institution.
    2. We are an independent board who's responsible to ensure that the school is properly managed and run, and stays financially sound, protects the students, protects the faculty, protects the administration and works to the benefit of everybody associated with the university.
    3. The board has worked really hard to get the school into great financial shape, and within months we've taken a really frightful turn back into the red.
    4. We feel as though the actions she has taken since she was informed or requested to step down were such that they were to the detriment of the university, and she's the president, that's not what she should be doing.
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