1. Allen J Carlson Joins MEC Board of Directors

    Allen J Carlson Joins MEC Board of Directors

    Mayville Engineering Company, Inc. (MEC) today announced that Allen J. Carlson was elected to the company’s board of directors....(PRWeb January 13, 2016) Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2016/01/prweb13162423.htm

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    1. I'm pleased to have Al join our board and bring his experience in growing customers and markets, new products and shareholder value.
    2. Al has a track record of achieving operational excellence through unique people and process skills which will blend well with MEC's ESOP culture and value added process leadership. I look forward to having him share his experiences as a member of our board.
    3. Joining the board of directors at MEC is an exciting opportunity for me and I look forward to sharing my experiences and contributing to the future direction and growth of the company.
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