1. Reps Want to Speak to Ex-Valeant Exec

    Reps Want to Speak to Ex-Valeant Exec

    The executive, Laizer Kornwasser, left Valeant in the summer, before controversy erupted over the company...

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    1. I am writing today to request transcribed interviews with several of your employees.
    2. Troubling new allegations suggest that a group of Valeant employees helped launch Philidor's business in 2013, and have remained involved in its daily operations.
    3. These former employees also report being directed to alter physician-written prescriptions so pharmacies would have to dispense Valeant drugs instead of cheaper generic versions to maximize Valeant's profits.
    4. We are reviewing the congressman's letter and will respond as appropriate.
    5. As we have said previously, Valeant's board of directors has formed an ad hoc committee to review allegations related to the company's business relationship with Philidor and related matters.
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