1. Shareholder Activism Grows Overseas as US Market Gets Crowded

    Shareholder Activism Grows Overseas as US Market Gets Crowded

    NEW YORK/LONDON, Aug 31 (Reuters) - Activist hedge funds have launched more non-U.S. campaigns this year than any year since the financial crisis, as managers slowly expand overseas in the face of a more challenging market at home. Companies in Europe and Japan are attractive targets for U.S. shareholder activists seeking higher investment returns and less competition among funds that have ...

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    1. With U.S. valuations in general 25 percent higher than those in Japan or Europe, it was only a matter of time until Europe came into focus.
    2. If you look beyond Europe, Japan's corporate governance rules are likely to change, which is one of the mandates of the Abenomics agenda. We expect to see more activist activity there.
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