1. Investors Still in the Dark as Cyber Threat Grows

    Investors Still in the Dark as Cyber Threat Grows

    LONDON/BOSTON (Reuters) - Investors are being poorly served by a haphazard approach from fund managers to the growing threat of cyber crime damaging the companies in which they invest, with a lack of clarity from the businesses themselves compounding the problem. Banks have led the way in developing cyber defenses and some top fund managers have ramped up pressure on companies to do more, but ...

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    1. I don't see any visible stand asset managers are taking, like they do on other social responsibility items.
    2. There is significant divergence across companies as to how prepared they are.
    3. You can look at an annual report and see some companies talk a lot about what would happen if the euro were to fail ... But just as important is what happens if you get hacked.
    4. The frameworks for dealing with cyber risk, about what it means for our business and what can we do about it, are only now being put in place.
    5. What you get is assurance that people are looking at these things.
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