1. GE’s Death Perk for Immelt: A $22 Million Life Insurance Benefit

    GE’s Death Perk for Immelt: A $22 Million Life Insurance Benefit

    Jeffrey Immelt, chairman and chief executive officer of General Electric...

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    1. We provide our named executives with additional benefits that we believe are reasonable, competitive and consistent with the company's overall executive compensation program.
    2. Our compensation philosophy is to have a transparent and fair compensation program for senior executives with no special insurance, health or medical benefits.
    3. Oftentimes, they do not realize that their beneficiaries will have to come up with a massive check nine months after they die.
    4. Creating the liquidity to pay estate taxes can literally save the beneficiaries millions
    5. These are the types of investments high-income folks would be making anyway -- and now they're available on a tax-preferential basis through an insurance policy.
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