1. SEC Rules to Expose Highest Executive Pay Seen as Easily Gamed

    SEC Rules to Expose Highest Executive Pay Seen as Easily Gamed

    When the U.S. adopted a new rule last week forcing companies to show how much more top executives earn than workers, regulators noted there’s leeway. Academics and activists have spent the time since then figuring out how boards might game the system. The 294-page pay ratio rule “provides companies with substantial flexibility,” while remaining true to the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act that mandated its creation, Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Mary Jo White said Aug 5...

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    1. If their business model relies on a high concentration of low-wage workers that aren't part of their formal workforce, the number may appear to be much better than if you actually included the people who are responsible for producing the goods.
    2. How can a company possibly file financial statements if they can't get information about what they're paying their workers?
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