1. Private Equity Billionaire Wilbur L. Ross: Man 'Over Board'?

    Private Equity Billionaire Wilbur L. Ross: Man 'Over Board'?

    NEW YORK ( The Deal) -- Late last year private equity billionaire Wilbur L. Ross Jr. -- best known for restructuring failed companies in the steel industry and other sectors -- was elected as vice chairman of the Bank of Cypress. Ross joined a newly constituted board to help the embattled institution complete a turnaround after Cypress was rocked by a Greek debt crisis. His buyout shop, WL Ross & Co. LLC, owns a 19% stake...

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    1. There is plenty of data out there to support the notion that for a top executive to sit on more than two or three boards is excessive.
    2. In some particularly active situations I might be on the phone or in physical meetings with management several times a week.
    3. Now that I am less involved in the day to day affairs of the [WL Ross] business I have even more time available.
    4. We are major stakeholders in companies and are active, not passive managers.
    5. Unless you have a deal with Dr. Who to let you travel back in time it is a mystery to me how someone can serve on five or six or seven public company boards and do their job effectively.
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