1. Boardroom Diversity: It's Getting Worse, Not Better

    Boardroom Diversity: It's Getting Worse, Not Better

    Britain's boardrooms are getting less diverse, according to new research by recruitment consultancy Green Park. A survey of the U.K.'s top 10,000 executives across the FTSE 100 reveals that the number of those belonging to ethnic minorities in leadership roles has dropped. Nearly two-thirds of all companies have all-white boardrooms in 2015, up from 61 businesses in 2014 to 62 this year. Excluding non-executive directors, the number of all-white boardrooms increased from 63 in 2014 to 70...

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    1. China, Korea, Indonesia and Japan are some of the biggest and fastest growing markets.
    2. We've lost such a large number of potential ethnic minority leaders, suggesting that the situation is likely to continue to worsen rather than improve in the future.
    3. The numbers do not, however, suggest the kind of surge that will increase the low proportion of women at Operating Board level and above.
    4. Diversity is only of value to business if it genuinely brings people of different outlook, experience and culture to the table - there are few benefits to cosmetic change.
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