1. Bush's Busy Role on Corporate Boards Could Become 2016 Issue

    Bush's Busy Role on Corporate Boards Could Become 2016 Issue

    WASHINGTON (AP) — During his transition from Florida governor to likely presidential candidate, Jeb Bush served on the boards or as an adviser to at least 15 companies and nonprofits, a dizzying array of corporate connections that earned him millions of dollars and occasional headaches. Bush returned to corporate America after leaving the governor's mansion in early 2007, and his industry portfolio expanded steadily until he began shedding ties late last year to prepare a run for president...

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    1. Board of directors and advisory boards are in charge of high-level oversight.
    2. Board members are representing shareholders, and they are responsible to shareholders for financial integrity.
    3. Gov. Bush has always conducted his business with the highest integrity and performance, just as he did when he served as Florida's chief executive for eight successful years.
    4. If he becomes a candidate, he'll comply with all necessary financial disclosures. That is an approach consistent with what he did in all three of his campaigns for governor.
    5. Based on the report that was shared with the governor by the company that was hired to do the background check, there were not red flags to indicate financial or criminal wrongdoing.
    6. And you just say, OK, there's credibility there.
    7. We bought into their whole sales push because Jeb Bush was on their board of directors and had his picture all over their office.
    8. As soon as concerns regarding InnoVida were brought to Gov. Bush's attention, he took action to address them immediately.
    9. They obviously took pictures with him and did that the entire time. And he was very congenial.
    10. He was an excellent board member, he was always prepared.
    11. Theatre folk don't usually regard a failure as one of the great experiences of their lives.
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