1. Dan Loeb's Plot to Pry Open Japan's Secretive Robot Maker

    Dan Loeb's Plot to Pry Open Japan's Secretive Robot Maker

    This is the latest target of Daniel Loeb, the activist investor and founder of New York-based hedge fund Third Point LLC. Loeb earlier waged a high-profile campaign in Japan against Sony Corp., which ended in October with mixed results. He also compared the robot manufacturer to Apple Inc. in its tight focus on a small lineup of technologically superior products...

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    1. This company is so incredibly innovative and forward looking in terms of its operational culture.
    2. The whole zeitgeist in Japan is shifting.
    3. It's plausible that it's a self-fulfilling prophecy where Loeb makes some noise and the stock goes up.
    4. Big picture -- they've got great clients like Apple, and with technology and productivity improvements and labor costs going up, it's an obvious area of growth.
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