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    1. Publisher: Yahoo! UK & Ireland Finance
      We have not needed any external input as regards our continuous drive to seek to improve our governance.
      - In Pernod Ricard says it is Seeking to Improve Governance
    2. Publisher: KAKE.com
      We're not immune to what goes on in the economy.
      - In Jamie Dimon Gets a Raise to $31 Million After JPMorgan's Record Year
    3. Publisher: Yahoo! Finance
      It is clear to me that MGM is focused on driving profitable growth.
      - In MGM Hands Board Seat to Activist Hedge Fund Corvex's Meister
    4. Publisher: finanzen.ch
      Debbie is a talented leader whose global perspective, strategic vision and expertise in business strategy and governance will be a valuable addition to PayPal as we continue to grow.
      - In PayPal Appoints Deborah M. Messemer to Its Board of Directors
    5. Publisher: finanzen.ch
      I'm thrilled to serve on the board of PayPal, a strong company that is reimagining financial services to create a more inclusive global economy.
      - In PayPal Appoints Deborah M. Messemer to Its Board of Directors
    6. Publisher: Stock Market Today
      We are confident in the Company's strategy to expand from a classified listings model into a leading online automotive marketplace solutions provider.
      - In Cars.com Surges as Board Says Potential Sale in Play Following Activist Pressure
    7. Publisher: Business Insider
      There is overwhelming evidence that PG&E is solvent.
      - In PG&E Spikes After a Hedge Fund Challenges its 'Damaging, Avoidable, And Unnecessary Bankruptcy'
    8. Publisher: BNN Bloomberg
      We are digging up everything and clarifying and proposing what we can do better to improve governance.
      - In Nissan May Abolish Chairman Role as It Rebuilds, Director Says
    9. Publisher: BNN Bloomberg
      Even though Olympus promised to review its corporate governance after the 2011 scandal, the company hasn't changed.
      - In Hedge Fund Can Give Olympus a Clearer Focus
    10. Publisher: The Washington Post
      Jack Bogle made an impact on not only the entire investment industry, but more importantly, on the lives of countless individuals saving for their futures or their children's futures.
      - In Legendary Investor John Bogle has Died at 89. The Founder of Vanguard Group was Known as the Creator of the Index Fund.
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