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    1. Publisher: Yahoo! Finance
      I'm looking to use the tools we've historically used as activists in order to take advantage of ... valuation discrepancies between highly rated and poorly rated companies, from an ESG perspective.
      - In Activist Investor Ferrari Targets Environment, Social Laggards With New Fund
    2. Publisher: Qatar Tribune
      If there are no such candidates or they are not willing to take on a corresponding position, a development desired by society and above all by companies cannot be enforced by law.
      - In Merkel’s Female Board Quota Plan Meets Resistance in Business World
    3. Publisher: Restaurant Business Magazine
      We do not believe Mr. Biglari's views are credible given his long-term track record of lagging performance and problematic governance practices at his own company.
      - In Sardar Biglari Loses Another Cracker Barrel Proxy Vote
    4. Publisher: businesswire.com
      Marla is an innovator and a proven leader in marketing and digital transformation, which will serve us well as Penn National continues its evolution into the nation's leading omnichannel provider of retail and interactive gaming, sports betting and entertainment. We're delighted to have her unique talents on the Board.
      - In Penn National Gaming Names Marla Kaplowitz to Board of Directors
    5. Publisher: The New Yorker
      Honestly, it stopped making sense to look at investments that were smaller than thirty or forty million.
      - In How Venture Capitalists Are Deforming Capitalism
    6. Publisher: The New Yorker
      Masa decided to deliberately inject cocaine into the bloodstream of these young companies.
      - In How Venture Capitalists Are Deforming Capitalism
    7. Publisher: The New Yorker
      Venture capital has become a lottery.
      - In How Venture Capitalists Are Deforming Capitalism
    8. Publisher: The New Yorker
      He was crazy, but exactly the right kind of crazy to make you believe he could pull this off.
      - In How Venture Capitalists Are Deforming Capitalism
    9. Publisher: Yahoo! Finance
      We agree there is tremendous (cash flow) margin potential in this business. I don't have to go out and invent that future. It's sitting here right now. What we have to do is execute it.
      - In Corteva Sticks with CEO Amid Starboard Pressure
    10. Publisher: GlobeNewswire
      We are very excited to have Jarvis and Lori joining the Board.
      - In Laredo Petroleum Announces Appointment of Jarvis Hollingsworth and Lori Lancaster to the Board of Directors
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