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    1. Publisher: Digital Journal
      Claire is a highly regarded marketing executive with a track record of delivering strong results for major financial institutions and customer-focused brands.
      - In Prosper Appoints Claire Huang to Board of Directors
    2. Publisher: Digital Journal
      Prosper's consumer lending platform offers incredible benefits to people looking to borrow money at competitive rates and investors who want access to the consumer lending asset class.
      - In Prosper Appoints Claire Huang to Board of Directors
    3. Publisher: NASDAQ Stock Market
      The emergence of medical robotics is one of the most promising areas in healthcare and it offers tremendous growth opportunities, especially in areas such as neurosurgery.
      - In P. (Laxmin) Laxminarain Appointed to Microbot Medical's Board of Directors
    4. Publisher: mpo-mag.com
      What unites all members of BioSig's board is their confidence in the company's ability to deliver on a very strong value proposition. I'm honored to join BioSig at this exciting time and contribute my knowledge and experience to further strengthen the company's positioning as the emerging leader in biomedical signal processing.
      - In IP Veteran Joins BioSig Technologies' Board Of Directors
    5. Publisher: businesswire.com
      We are excited to add Meryl and Julian to our board, and look forward to the contributions they will make in the years ahead.
      - In Neon Therapeutics Expands Board of Directors with Leading Experts in Cancer Drug Discovery ...
    6. Publisher: businesswire.com
      We are thrilled to have someone with Melinda's expertise and perspective join TEGNA's Board.
      - In TEGNA Board Elects Melinda Witmer as New Director
    7. Publisher: businesswire.com
      Melinda has deep industry knowledge about changing consumer trends, as well as the video ecosystem, and is a highly accomplished executive. She will be an invaluable asset to our Board.
      - In TEGNA Board Elects Melinda Witmer as New Director
    8. Publisher: reuters.com
      Unfortunately Deckers swiftly rejected Marcato's settlement proposal and made clear through its counsel that Deckers was not interested in pursuing any settlement discussions with Marcato.
      - In Marcato says Deckers' Rejected Offer to Settle Proxy Contest
    9. Publisher: Digital Journal
      We are pleased to welcome Mark as the newest member of our board of directors. He brings decades of investment experience and a broad financial perspective.
      - In Mark J. Johnson Joins SAIC's Board of Directors
    10. Publisher: Digital Journal
      As Trintech continues its trajectory of innovation and expansion, we are excited to welcome Jonathan to Trintech's board.
      - In Former SAP Executive Joins Trintech's Board of Directors
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