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    2. Prepare for What You Wish For: More CISOs on Boards

      Prepare for What You Wish For: More CISOs on Boards
      We have a long way to go to get adequate cybersecurity expertise on boards, but the time has come to make it happen Recently, the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) made a welcome move for cybersecurity professionals. In proposed amendments to its rules to enhance and standardize disclosures regarding cybersecurity risk management, strategy, governance, and incident reporting, the SEC outlined requirements for public companies to report any board members cybersecurity expertise...
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    3. BlackRock’s Wish Is Your Command

      BlackRock’s Wish Is Your Command
      Its not enough for socially enlightened masters of finance like BlackRock and Nasdaq to push around publicly traded companies. Now they want the Securities and Exchange Commission to impose their social and political agenda on all companies, including private firms. The SEC is expected soon to propose rules requiring companies to publicly disclose climate, board diversity and human-capital metrics...
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    4. Nasdaq’s Wish Is the U.K.’s Command

      Nasdaq’s Wish Is the U.K.’s Command
      Readers will recall the many problems with Nasdaqs recent proposal to add a board diversity provision to its listing rules for companies. Now comes the United Kingdom to see Nasdaq and raise its woke obligations. The Nasdaq plan would encourage companies listed on the exchange to maintain a quota of board members who are women or ethnic or sexual minorities. The U.S. stock exchange is trying to sweeten this ...
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    1. Both the Board and Mr Lund recognise and wish to respond to shareholder concerns
      In 'Excessive, Inflammatory, Contrary To Good Corporate Governance'
    2. Suja has varied experience and successful acumen. Inclusion of her in the Board will enhance Company's product innovation, Growth and customer reach. I wish her all the best.
      In 8K Miles appoints Sujatha Chandrasekaran to its board of Directors
    3. Michele has served on the board for nearly 12 years now and has been a key part of our successful transformation to a global SaaS leader. I have greatly enjoyed working with her and appreciate all of her support and dedication. We wish her well for the future.
      In Callidus Software, Inc. Names Nina Richardson to Board of Directors