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    2. Elon Musk and Twitter Argue Over Unresolved Pretrial Information Requests

      Elon Musk and Twitter Argue Over Unresolved Pretrial Information Requests
      Lawyers forElon MuskandTwitterInc.TWTR1.37%▲debated several pending requests for information in theircontinuing legal fight,with less than three weeks to go before a scheduled trial over Mr. Musks soured $44 billion takeover. Among the issues discussed were whether Mr. Musks team should have access to certain documents that Twitter has claimed are protected by attorney-client privilege and the proposed terms around allowing Mr. Musk to incorporate details about aTwitter ...
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    1. The proposed rules are intended to help strengthen the whistleblower program by bolstering the Commission's ability to more appropriately and expeditiously reward those who provide critical information that leads to successful enforcement actions.
      In SEC Proposes to Limit Whistleblower Awards
    2. These twin actions against BlueLinx and Health Net show that the SEC means business when it comes to efforts by corporations to impede their employees from participating in the SEC whistleblower program.
      In SEC Cracks Down on Severance Agreements that Deter Whistleblowing
    3. We live in the age of the whistleblower.
      In The Age of the Whistleblower