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    1. WeWork and SoftBank and perhaps even JP Morgan are in some level of a reputational crisis right now.
      In Tech and Finance Experts are Shocked by SoftBank’s 'stone cold crazy' $1.7 Billion Golden Parachute for Ousted WeWork CEO Adam Neumann
    2. WeWork believes this lawsuit is meritless.
      In A Former WeWork Employee is Suing Over Adam Neumann's $1.7 Billion Golden Parachute
    3. It is astonishing that WeWork could reward Adam Neumann's blatant sexist behavior with a staggering and unprecedented golden parachute worth over a reported $1bn, while the company has subjected Ms Bardhi and other women to repeated and systematic marginalization.
      In WeWork's Ex-CEO Accused of Pregnancy Discrimination by Former Chief of Staff