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    1. We are delighted that Alan is joining the Vertex Board. He brings both his deep experience as an academic physician as well as his expertise in health economics and the complexities of our healthcare system to Vertex.
      In Vertex Names Dr. Alan Garber, Provost of Harvard University, to its Board of Directors
    2. We are thrilled to have Diana join the Vertex Board. Her corporate leadership experience, industry knowledge and passion for leveraging technology to drive innovation give her a unique perspective on our industry and a broad and robust skillset that will make her a valuable contributor to our board of directors.
      In Vertex Appoints Diana McKenzie to its Board of Directors
    3. It's an honor to join Vertex, a company with an industry-leading track record of discovering, developing and commercializing innovative medicines to treat serious diseases.
      In Vertex Appoints Diana McKenzie to its Board of Directors