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    1. Patrick is one of the most experienced and successful financial leaders in the technology industry, and we're excited that he will be joining Twitter's Board later this year.
      In Ex-Google CFO Patrick Pichette is joining Twitter's Board, and he just tweeted for the first time (TWTR)
    2. Twitter handle today on National Women's Day-but as the world's third-largest asset manager we wanted to do something.
      In The Firm That Commissioned the Young Girl Statue Has Only 3 Women on Its Board
    3. It was a win/win for everyone. Twitter got great content no one else had, and it proved it could attract millions of viewers to a live stream. The NFL got to test streaming with a smaller test partner ... who paid them.
      In A Controversial Ex-Banker is the Person who Really Runs Twitter — and He's Gambling the Company's Future on One Risky Bet (TWTR)