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    2. Litigation Trends in Delaware and How Businesses and Boards Can Mitigate Risk

      Litigation Trends in Delaware and How Businesses and Boards Can Mitigate Risk
      New structures, new rules? Delawares Chancery Court provides guidance on disclosure, conflicts, and risk allocation. We take a look at the latest Delaware rulings and what they say about SPAC directors fiduciary duty, as well as COVIDs effect on MA deals, and how corporations and boards can mitigate their liability...
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    1. We are encouraged by the momentum we are seeing in store traffic trends.
      In Ulta Beauty Optimistic About Retail, New CEO Announced
    2. Kira has a strong background both as a seasoned executive focused on driving innovation as well as an entrepreneur capitalizing on emerging industry trends. We are delighted that she is joining the Calix board of directors.
      In Calix, Inc. (CALX) Names Kira Makagon to the Board of Directors
    3. In aggregate, the company's key performance trends, careful executive succession process, and current board renewal efforts strongly suggest that the dissident's arguments are poorly-founded, and that there is not a compelling need for shareholders to effect board change at this time.
      In Cracker Barrel Urges Shareholders to Reject Nominations of Biglari and Cooley to Board of Directors