1. Theranos

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  2. Quotes about Theranos

    1. Theranos wasn't necessarily this one-off scandal, which I believed to be the case, but really, the canary in the coal mine.
      In Whistleblower Erika Cheung: Theranos Scandal Was ‘Canary In Coal Mine’
    2. I think it's very, very unfortunate what's happening to Theranos. I think it's very unfair. I believe in Elizabeth and what she's doing.
      In Director: Theranos to be Vindicated
    3. What the government spent a lot of time doing was showing that Ms. Holmes was intimately involved with the day-to-day activities at Theranos, and she's apprised of these problems and at the same time she's making all these statements.
      In Elizabeth Holmes Trial: Stunning Testimony, But What Comes Next?