1. The Pandemic

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    2. Executive Compensation Voting During the Pandemic

      Executive Compensation Voting During the Pandemic
      Executive compensation is a perennial engagement topic for the State Street Global Advisors Asset Stewardship team. We believe that executive compensation presents risks, such as creating perverse incentives, as well as opportunities, such as demonstrating a commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) priorities...
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    1. The pandemic, whose effects are devastating and lasting on Tiffany, has irrefutably caused a material adverse effect.
      In LVMH Has Countersued Tiffany Over the Firms' $16 Billion Merger, Accusing the Jeweler of Financial Mismanagement
    2. Quite candidly, in light of the pandemic, I can't think of a worse business model [than WeWork's].
      In WeWork v. SoftBank: A $3 Billion Battle Involving Two Ailing Companies that were on Top of the World Just 9 Months Ago
    3. Some investors are becoming increasingly vocal on environmental issues, while the pandemic and social unrest are accelerating the focus on social issues by many boards.
      In Surge In Biz Tying Pay To Social Goals In Wake Of COVID-19