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    1. We are extremely pleased that Doreen Toben and Anne Gates have agreed to join our Board. As Tapestry continues to evolve as a house of brands, we are confident that their respective business experience, strategic insight and leadership skills will prove particularly valuable to us.
      In Doreen Toben and Anne Gates Join Tapestry Board of Directors
    2. The Tapestry Board seeks to bring a diversity of experiences and perspectives to our deliberations. We are delighted to have found a true digital innovator and entrepreneur in Darrell, I am certain he will bring important and unique insights to our conversation as Tapestry navigates an increasingly dynamic retail environment.
      In Darrell Cavens Joins Tapestry Board of Directors
    3. I am excited to be joining the Board of Directors of Tapestry, a truly innovative, brand led company. I look forward to supporting the company and helping to inform its digital strategies as it continues to drive long-term sustainable growth.
      In Darrell Cavens Joins Tapestry Board of Directors