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    2. Samsung Succession in Disarray Amid Leader's Criminal Case

      Samsung Succession in Disarray Amid Leader's Criminal Case
      (BLOOMBERG) - The long-orchestrated plan to cement Mr Jay Y. Lee's position atop Samsung Group may put him in jail instead, raising questions about who would step in to run South Korea's biggest conglomerate in the aftermath. Prosecutors are seeking Mr Lee's arrest on allegations including bribery and embezzlement, which could prompt him to relinquish duties at the family business if proven...
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    1. Succession shouldn't just be saying 'my daughter's going to take over.
      In Ana Botin to be Santander's Next Chairman - Banco Santander S.A. (NYSE:SAN)
    2. Today's appointment reflects our comprehensive approach to Board succession planning which is rooted in Sensata's commitment to value creation.
      In Sensata Technologies (ST) Appoints Connie Skidmore to Board of Directors
    3. Sir John's decision to step down forms part of the board's well considered long term succession plan and we will now start the process of appointing his successor.
      In Experian Chairman to step down in 2014