1. Succession Planning

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  2. Quotes about Succession Planning

    1. Today's leadership announcement is part of a thoughtful, multi-year succession planning process.
      In Pfizer's Long-Serving CEO Ian Read is Standing Down and Being Replaced by his Chief Operating Officer
    2. Given the board's subpar oversight of critical issues such as M&A and succession planning, shareholders may wonder whether the incumbent board is capable of steering Campbell back on track in a timely manner.
      In ISS Rules for New Campbell Board Members
    3. As part of the Board of Director's ongoing succession planning process, we regularly look for exceptional talent that will complement our already strong Board and help guide our Company as we build on our solid position in the athletic industry, and Ulice and Kim fit that description perfectly.
      In Foot Locker, Inc. Elects Ulice Payne And Kimberly K. Underhill As Directors